Competency Programme


The Competency Programme seeks to ensure nurses are safe to practice in New Zealand and is required to be undertaken by:
– Overseas Nurses directed to complete a competency-based programme in order to attain registration with the New Zealand Nursing Council.
– New Zealand Nurses returning to clinical practice after a five-year absence.

For more information, download the Competency Programme here.

Rosebank requirements prior to programme entry:

Overseas Applicants
–  A copy of the Nursing Council of New Zealand letter directing  them to complete a CAP, and indicating their type of registration.
–  Evidence of pass result in a Nursing Council-approved  English language assessment.
–  Current Curriculum Vitae.
–  Letter of application.

For more information on the programme contact our staff educator at

Due to the current high demand for CAP in New Zealand we have no placements available before 2020. Courses and fees for this time will not be determined until 2019. Please send your application details in March 2019 for 2020 placements.

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